We offer the Tomatis®  Listening Programs as either a

1.  Home Based Program

The Home Based Program lets you do the program in your own home at a time convenient to you.  The program includes a listening test prior to starting.

The program runs for 14 consecutive days and requires 1 hour and 20 minutes of listening per day. Two headsets are supplied with the home based program, so a parent can do the program with a child.

The equipment can be posted to you if need be.

2.  Group Sessions

Listening4Learning now offers group Tomatis® sessions so you and your child can experience the Tomatis® effect whilst enjoying a variety of exciting activities including board games, puzzles, art and craft,  group activities and stop motion animation.

The program runs for 1 and a half hours  a day for 14 days.  The price includes places for 1 parent and 1 child to do the program together and a listening test for the child.  Places are limited.

Listening4Learning can also run group sessions at your venue for businesses, schools, vacation/ after school care, clubs, private tuition classes like dance or martial arts studios. Group sessions allow delivery of the programs at a discounted rate.

The Listening Test

We do a listening test at the initial assessment and then at regular intervals during the program.  The listening test is not a diagnostic tool but rather is used so we can write the right program for you and as a way to measure progress.

Tomatis® Intensives
The Tomatis® program contains a series of ‘intensives’, which each run for 14 consecutive days.  The intensives  build on each other to address specific difficulties. There is a break of a number of weeks between each ‘intensive’ to allow the brain to integrate the program. The free online assessment and the Tomatis® Listening Test will help determine which intensive/s  best suit your personal circumstances.

We service the Gold Coast, Tweed district and Brisbane.  The equipment can also be posted to you if required. 

Please contact us to discuss your Tomatis® needs.

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Group Sessions

Programs run for 13 days.  There is 1hr 20mins  of listening a day with a 15 min break.

The booking is  for 2 people

(1 parent & 1 child) with  games, craft and activities provided.

We are not currently holding

group sessions due to

Covid 19

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You can experience the Tomatis® effect in the comfort of your own home or in a group environment with us!

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