The program consists mainly of Mozart violin concertos with their well-known beneficial effects.  This music exposes the brain to the full range of frequencies necessary to address different aspects of listening.  An electronic gate allows for sudden switching from a low frequency signal, to a high frequency signal.  This frequency shifting causes the muscles of the middle ear to alternately relax and contract with improved synchrony.  This gating

system is further enhanced with certain delays and filters

that target specific listening requirements.

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What is the Tomatis® Method?

The Tomatis® Method is passive brain training which activates the ear's listening mechanisms & improves a host of learning, social, emotional & balance difficulties.

The Tomatis® Method helps to rewire the connections needed for the brain to process auditory information by strengthening the inner and middle ear, the auditory system as a whole and the central nervous system. The Tomatis® Method utilises the natural plasticity of the neural circuits involved in the decoding and analysis of sounds, balance and coordination, to retrain the brain. The Tomatis® Method focuses the brain’s attention on the auditory message and progressively re-educates the ear to listen better. As sounds are more accurately perceived, language, learning, attention and communication improvements are noted.

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The Tomatis® Method makes use of specific headphones that allow the listening message to be transmitted to the brain through air and bone conduction.  We need efficient air conduction in our listening to others and we use air and bone conduction to listen to ourselves speak.  Bone conduction is also 10 times faster than air conduction, and the vibrations through the skeletal system have a strong impact on the body as a whole.

We also highly recommend using the Forbrain® headphones to enhance the benefits of the Tomatis® Method. Forbrain®  is a bone conduction headphones that uses your own voice to stimulate your brain.  It can be  purchased outright and used in your own home. 

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In more detail

A person can have a listening deficiency despite having perfectly normal hearing.  If the ears and brain are not communicating properly the person will not be able to fully process the information they hear. A listening deficiency can lead to problems paying attention, retaining information presented orally, hearing in noisy environments, following a conversation, carrying out multi-step directions and an array of learning and communication difficulties. These challenges can lead to low academic performance despite normal intelligence.

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Tomatis, Listening Program, Sound therapy , Gold Coast, bone conduction, air conduction, sound stimulation

The ear is not merely a sensory organ used for hearing. It also plays an important role in motor function thanks to an organ inside the ear known as the vestibule, which manages the sense of balance. The Tomatis® Method encourages the left and right vestibules to send consistent messages to the brain which directly effects regulation of muscular tone and therefore posture and laterality (left/right) and can effectively intervene with difficulties with rhythm, coordination, spatialisation and body schema (knowing where the body is in space).

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Acclaimed author, Norman Doidge discusses the Tomatis Method at length in the last chapter of his book The Brain's Way of Healing. 

This book is available in the Gold Coast Library click here for more details

Or the Brisbane Library click here for more details

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The participant listens to the program for two hours a day for 14 days.  After a rest period of four to six weeks the participant can do a second, third or fourth session depending on the problem they are seeking to address. The rest period allows time for the brain to integrate the new learning. The programming of the device and the design of the listening sessions are determined by the trained professional depending on the subject’s problems or difficulties

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Who benefits?
The Tomatis® Method has yielded improvements for children and adults with the following difficulties.

  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Learning difficulties
  • Attention difficulties
  • Decreased listening attention, including
    • negative responses to certain sounds
    • difficulty isolating the  important verbal message from background sound
    • difficulty following instructions
  • Other sensory processing difficulties
  • Emotional difficulties/ low confidence levels
  • Communication difficulties
  • To improve musicality & voice
  • Integration of foreign languages

Sound energises the brain and the body. The high frequency harmonics used in the Tomatis® Method stimulates a vast neural network in the brain, including the reticular formation which regulates the overall activity level of the brain.  The inner ear is a rich source of energy to the brain, which causes improvements in intrinsic motivation, the ability to take necessary risks in learning, sustaining attention to tasks and the ability to perform executive functions (such as memory, decision making and problem solving).

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Listening 4 Learning

We offer the Tomatis®  Listening Programs as either a

1.  Home Based Program

The Home Based Program allows you to hire the equipment and  do the program in your own home at a time convenient to you.  The program includes a listening test. Two headsets are supplied with the home based program, so a parent can do the program with a child.

The program runs for 14 consecutive days and requires 1hr 20 minutes of listening per day.

The equipment can be posted to you if need be.

2.  Group Sessions

We now offer group Tomatis® sessions so you and your child can experience the Tomatis® effect whilst enjoying   a variety of exciting activities including board games, puzzles, craft,  group activities and stop motion animation.

The program runs for 1 and a half hours a day for 14 days.  The price includes places for 1 parent and 1 child to do the program together and a listening test for the child.  Places are limited.

Listening 4 Learning can also run group sessions at your venue for businesses, schools, vacation/ after school care, clubs, private tuition classes like dance or martial arts studios. Group sessions allow delivery of the programs at a discounted rate.

We are located in Elanora Gold Coast and we service the Gold Coast, Tweed district and Brisbane.  Please contact us to discuss your Tomatis® needs.

What is the Tomatis® Method?

The Tomatis® Method is a system for training listening.  The aim is to restore adaptive listening. Filtered music stimulates the muscles of the middle ear and activates the ear's listening mechanisms, retraining the ear and re-patterning the nervous system.  This improves a range of difficulties with learning, socialising, emotions, behaviour and balance.

A person may hear well but listen poorly because the sound message is being poorly analysed by the brain. Poor listeners are poor learners and poor communicators because good auditory processing is central to learning and behaviour.  And your ear does more than just hear, it also stimulates your brain and controls your balance, so well-tuned listening can change your life.